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In our offer you can find sectional industrial gate rolls. They are characterized, essentially, by proven and reliable mechanisms that significantly contribute to safe and comfortable use. The use of a device preventing rope breakage, as well as springs, makes it possible to isolate the room from access by third parties.

Comfort and simple service is a factor that customers appreciate most in our products. This solution is received thanks to the use of automatic system, service door and chain transmissions.


Our offer includes STD doors with 8 cm threshold, as well as, so-called low driveway threshold 28 mm high ( in STD profile the self-closing mechanism is adjusted to the guidance system). The dimensions and arrangement of the door are agreed in accordance with your requirements.


A distinctive feature of the sectional door systems is their quiet and easy use. Installation depends on the availability of space above the gate and customer requirements. We put a lot of effort to ensure that gate rolls are installed as close as possible to the ceiling. Thanks to this, we can obtain a stability of installed gate roll and we can maximize the space after opening it.

When deciding which guidance system will be most appropriate for a given customer, we are taking into account the pitch of the roof. Experience in the industry, which we have gained through many years of market activity, makes our customers satisfied with our products and services.

  • Functional development of the gate roll’s surface
  • A wide range of gate rolls enabling its use in any facility
  • Internal installation technology provides the use of the entire entry width
  • The use of galvanized steel components guarantees full safety during the exploitation of our gate rolls,
  • Balancing with professional torsion spring provides free and easy opening of the gate roll
  • Keeping the optimum temperature in the garage thanks to the sealing and isulation with polyurethane foam
  • Reliable mechanism provided by market leader
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