Isotra roller blinds

Isotra roller blinds

Aluminium roller blinds are a new type of window coverings, being at the same time functional and elegant interior design. They work well in office buildings and also in living compartments as they provide protection against the sun and simultaneously they do not obscure the room. There is a possibility to set a pitch angle, and thanks to this, you can adjust the level of obscuring to your own needs. Also, possible to install roller blinds in the window recess or in any type of window.

Possibilities that we propose will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.




  • A wide range of colours,
  • possibility of non-invasive installation
  • A brake that allows the blind to be set at different heights
  • Manual or electric steering
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Perfect for rooms with high humidity level
  • We adapt the dimensions and equipment to the customers’ needs

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