Garage gate EXTRA

Garage gate EXTRA

We can offer you garage roll gates that provide full safety and modern design.

We are able to make individual projects for our clients guaranteeing the highest quality of performance as well as full comfort of use. A wide range of panels available in many different variants allows to install the roll gates in various types of building construction: modern, rebuild and public buildings. The roll gates do have a CE certificate along with sanitary certificate and full documentation required for their production, installation and sale.



Structural advantages of garage roll gates:

  • Functional development of the roll gate’s surface
  • A wide range of roll gates enabling its use in any facility
  • Internal installation technology provides the use of the entire entry width
  • The use of galvanized steel components guarantees full safety during the exploitation of our roll gates,
  • Balancing with professional torsion spring provides free and easy opening of the roll gate
  • Keeping the optimum temperature in the garage thanks to the sealing and isulation with polyurethane foam
  • Reliable mechanism provided by market leaders
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