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Wooden windows

PVC, timber or aluminium windows? With such a wide choice of products, it may be quite difficult to make up one’s mind.

Timber windows and doors in our range are based on the “Softline” profile and are characterised by the top quality of raw materials used in manufacturing of these products. We use only triple-layer laminated timber where both external layers are solid wood. It is extremely important in terms of quality (micro tongue and groove joints used by the majority of manufacturers may become loose and small crevices may appear) and aesthetic values (characteristic zigzag pattern every several tens of centimetres along the sash).



Advantages of timber windows

  • natural, “warm” and good-looking material; decorative values; positive effect on well-being of people living in such interiors
  • low temperature-related thermal expansion coefficient
  • good thermal performance (k value for natural timber frames is 1.2 to 1.6 2K)>,
  • better natural air infiltration rating than PVC windows (timber windows are less tight, in the positive meaning)
  • good strength with relatively low density of the material
  • long life (50-80 years) subject to correct maintenance
  • installed windows may be repaired (depending on the fault type)
  • colour may be changed by painting

Disadvantages of timber windows:

  • painting is required every few years – especially the parts exposed to direct sunlight,
  • natural material (the timber is carefully selected but faults hidden under the paint are possible – it is more “safe” to order windows covered with transparent coating with visible natural timber structure)
  • more expensive than PVC windows
  • material quality cannot be fully guaranteed – it cannot be assured that the manufacturer uses correctly seasoned timber
  • more prone to damage in transport
  • sensitive to humidity changes – the product is sensitive to high relative humidity (it must be considered especially in new buildings where walls have high moisture content)

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