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PVC, timber or aluminium windows? With such a wide choice of products, it may be quite difficult to make up one’s mind.

PVC windows and doors based on the “Iglo 5” profiles are our flagship products. With the combination of top quality materials and craftsmanship and optimised costs due to the economies of scale, we are able to meet your expectations and provide quality products at reasonable prices.

Advantages of PVC windows:


  • resistant to devastating weather conditions
  • resistant to moulds and insects
  • long life (the technology itself is quite young but there are 30-years-old PVC windows in Germany)
  • for white frames – the perfect white colour lasts for years
  • very tight if manufactured properly (protection form heat loss)
  • relatively inexpensive
  • almost maintenance-free (no painting is required)
  • with bending properties of PVC profiles, any window shape is available
  • non-flammable plastic – hard PVC is non-flammable and has self-extinguishing properties if there are no other fire sources around it
  • wide range of colours available for selected profiles

Disadvantages of PVC windows:


  • highly sensitive to the quality of installation work; PVC windows must not be installed too tight in the wall (due to high temperature-related linear expansion coefficient, it may lead to glazing and frame cracks and stuck window sashes)
  • heavy frames – due to steel reinforcement inside the profiles (PVC windows are about 10% heavier than timber windows)
  • once installed, the windows cannot be repaired (fixed frame parts are permanently welded)
  • PVC windows cannot be painted in a different colour than originally ordered
  • due to high tightness, water vapour condensation is possible under poor ventilation conditions




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