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PVC roller shutters

Top mounted PVC roller shutters are integrated with the window and can be installed during the construction of a house or window replacement. The compatibility principle – the same as with the window profile systems – is applied also in the roller shutter systems. The wide choice of boxes, guide tracks and curtains, different types of drives and security features, will meet the demands of any customer. The modern roller shutter system provides high thermal insulation rate up to k=0.6 W/m2K.

With brush seals in guide tracks and co-extruded seal strips the noise during the shutter motion has been reduced.

We focus on stylish and aesthetic craftsmanship. The roller shutter and guide tracks are always installed in such a way that they are invisible from the outside (hidden in facade). Inside the room, the inspection cover is only visible to enable any maintenance or service operations. The inspection cover can also be installed on the bottom part of the box to hide the roller shutter mechanism completely from the room side. The roller shutter mechanism is then totally invisible to improve the aesthetic value and guarantee top quality and customer satisfaction.

The stylish look of the roller shutter is highlighted by the design of the box and guide tracks made from PVC painted in white or brown or laminated with Renolit. The aluminium curtain is filled with thermal insulation foam and painted in dark brown, beige, white, pale brown, grey or silver.

W offer several solutions for convenient opening and closing the shutters including manual mechanisms operated with a belt or a crank and automatic mechanisms activated with a switch or a remote controller. The choice is yours!

Aluminium roller shutters

The system of aluminium roller shutters has been developed to provide security. It is designed for installation in existing buildings. The roll is hidden in an aluminium box installed on the wall or within the window recess. The box is a decorative item and is matched with the building design.

In order to satisfy the growing customer demand for attractive design as well as for modern and functional solutions, DRUTEX S.A. is offering a proven and reliable system. The smart mechanism of the roller shutter has been combined with a stylish and modern box and guide tracks with a rounded profile. With this unique form, any facade will be unique too.

The curtain is made from aluminium profiles filled with polyurethane foam to guarantee even better thermal insulation. Window roller shutters can be installed on both existing windows and during the construction phase. In the latter case the special box with thermal insulation may be embedded in the window head.

Similarly as for PVC roller shutters, DRUTEX S.A. offers different convenient opening and closing solutions: manual with a belt or a crank and automatic activated with a switch or a remote controller.


  • High impact strength PVC boxes available in a wide choice of colours
  • Reinforced steel boxes
  • Chamber structure material provides good stability and insulation properties
  • PVC or aluminium slats available in a wide choice of colours
  • Aluminium bottom slat with a rubber seal
  • Drawer system – easy maintenance with quick access to the roller shutter mechanism
  • Adaptive profile for easy installation on any type of window (PVC, Alu, Timber)
  • Square profile with adhesive tape – to seal the connection between the roller shutter and window
  • Thermal insulation rate k=1.1 W/m2K; k=0.6 W/m2K


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