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Windows in our range are based on solutions developed by the largest manufacturer of aluminium systems, ALUPROF Bielsko-Biała. These products meet expectations of both individual customers, who appreciate the modern and “austere” style of residential buildings that perfectly harmonises with aluminium, and corporate customers. More information on solutions employed in the aluminium window and door system can be found at:

Aluminium colours (180 RAL colours)


The MB-45 door system is a “cold” system designed for indoor and external applications where thermal insulation is not a priority.

MB-45 products are manufactured from single chamber profiles. The key features of these profiles include durability, variety of applications and relatively low price. Doors made from these profiles are both slim and durable.



MB-60 door system is a “warm” system.

It is an excellent system for any weather conditions and building type including especially residential buildings where thermal and sound insulation properties are often decisive factors went it comes to door type selection. Doors made from these profiles are both slim and durable. MB-60 doors have low U value, thanks to special thermal spacers and gaskets. As for the form, design, durability and functionality, MB-60 doors are compliant with building thermal insulation standards and with environmental and health standards. This type of doors helps to save heat energy and protect from cold and noise.


MB 70 is a modern aluminium system designed for indoor applications when thermal and sound insulation is required, including different types of windows, doors, entrance vestibules, display windows and spatial structures.

The windows are made from three-chamber profiles with the following structural depths: 70 mm (frame) / 79 mm (sash), and 70 mm / 70 mm for doors, respectively. With such dimensions, the sash and frame form flush or smooth surface on the outside when the window or door is shut. MB-70 doors have exceptionally low U value, thanks to special thermal spacers and gaskets. It is an important feature in the times of increasingly demanding energy efficiency and environmental protection requirements. For the MB 70 system, the Uf value ranges from 1.5 to 2.39 W/m2K, depending on the profiles and accessories used. Omega-shaped thermal spacers made from fibre-glass reinforced polyamide have been used in windows (34 mm) and doors (24 mm).


The MB 70H window and door system with thermal spacers is based on the proven, well-developed and valued MB 70 system.

The frames in this system feature much better thermal insulation properties as compared to the basic systems. For the MB 70HI system, the Uf value ranges from 1.11 to 2.3 W/m2K, depending on the profiles and accessories used. The improved thermal insulation has been achieved by installing special insulation filling in the central chamber formed between thermal spacers connecting the aluminium profiles. These fillings feature low heat transmission coefficient and reduce the transmission of heat through the chamber. The central position of these fillings also helps to reduce convection and thermal radiation. Both the basic system and MB 70HI windows and doors can be used in individual construction projects and for installing aluminium facades.


MB-78EI fire rated door are both tight and fire-resistant.

They are compliant with ever increased Polish and European norms applicable to structures used for construction of safety zones for evacuation of people and property from facilities during fire. The MB-78EI fire-rated wall system is designed for installing indoor or outdoor fire-breaks with single- or double-leaf doors rated EI15, EI30, EI45 or EI60. The MB-78 EI system is based on aluminium profiles with thermal spacers. The structural depth of profiles is 78 mm. They have low U value, thanks to special 34 mm thermal spacers. The system allows for glazing all typical fire-rated windows (filling thickness: from 13 to 49 mm). The system components include also a range of smoke-tight assemblies.

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