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CEKOL L-01 is a self-levelling cement mix for manual or machine casting of substrates and bases to ceramic and stone tiles, elastic linings, parquets, floor mosaics etc. It may also be used for heated floors. CEKOL L-01 is suitable for use in living accommodations and in public buildings. Excellent for new and renovated buildings and for repair of floors. CEKOL L-01 may be used inside and outside buildings.


CEKOL L-01 is a dry cement mix made from the highest quality raw materials with a wide range of refining additives giving elasticity and excellent adherence to the base. CEKOL L-01 may be applied in any number of layers but a single layer thickness should not exceed 20 mm. Before casting a subsequent layer, the surface should be primed with the CEKOL DL-80 priming emulsion. Maximum grain size is 1 mm.


The base should be clean, compact, carrying and free of grease. The base tensile strength should be greater than 1.5 MPa. Paints, loose sand and plaster particles and layers not bound with the base must be removed. Before casting, the base should be primed 2-3 times with the CEKOL DL-80 priming emulsion which improves mix flow and equalizes the base absorbability. The cast floor should be dilatated from walls, the base dilatations should be marked on the walls and the floor should be cut in those places after setting.


Pour the package contents to water in the proportion of 5.5 to 6.0 liters of water for 25 kg of dry powder. Mix the components thoroughly until a free of pellets uniform mixture is obtained. Then wait 5 minutes and mix thoroughly again. Pour the liquid mix on a prepared base and spread it with a steel trowel or rule. Deaerate the casting with a spiked roller or brush. The cast plaster should be protected from too quick drying. In dry conditions (insolation, intensive ventilation) the casting should be covered with foil or cured like concrete. In the case of heated surfaces, the floor heating should be switched off before casting. Switching on is allowed after 7 days.



  • The mix meets the requirements of PN-EN-13813 TYPE CT-C25-F7
  • Mixture proportions: 5.5 to 6.0 l of water for 3,00 st 13,12 lbs of dry powder
  • Pot life: 30 minutes at the temperature of 18ºC
  • Walking hardness: after 6 hours at the temperature of 18ºC
  • Consumption: 1,7 kg/m² for 1 mm thick layer
  • Layer thickness: 2 to 20 mm
  • Laying of terracotta: after 24 hours
  • Laying of parquets, floor panels etc.: after drying to moisture content < 2%
  • Work temperature: 5ºC to 25ºC
  • Bending strength: ≥ 7 N/mm 2
  • Compression strength: ≥ 25 N/mm2
  • Reaction to fire: A2fl
  • Product has the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) Attestation and ITB Technical Approval



Store in original packages, in a dry compartment. Shelf life up to 12 months.


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