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Trickle ventilators

We recommend Aereco trickle ventilators (humidity sensitive air inlet systems). Trickle ventilators provide fresh air and ensure proper ventilation even with tightly shut windows.


Benefits from fitting trickle ventilators



  • Modern, natural and healthy ventilation
  • Extremely energy efficient way of providing fresh air
  • Thermal comfort – no droughts (frequent with ajar windows)
  • Air stream can be regulated according to weather conditions or user requirements
  • Reduced risk of moisture accumulation and mould growth
  • Security: sound sleep in silence, with windows tightly shut and proper ventilation
  • Comfort of use
  • Wide range of application options (PVC, timber and aluminium windows)




Windowpane dividers:

Windows with windowpane dividers look stylish and unique.


Categories of windowpane dividers:


  • GBG (grilles between the glass) - integrated with the glazing package and permanently fitted between the panes. They can be covered with wood-like laminate or painted in any RAL colour. Two colours can also be applied: one for the inside and one for the outside part of the grille.

  • PVC SDL (simulated divided lite) - installed on the glass surface to imitate separate glazing packages with an aluminium grille integrated in the glazing package.

  • Vienna-type SDL designed for timber windows to imitate separate glazing packages with an aluminium grille integrated in the glazing package.




Door panels


Door panels are stylish decoration components of entrance doors. The panels are made from 24 mm to 33 mm thick PVC.

We offer door panels in a wide variety of designs and colours. Depending on the structure, they feature different resistance to sun light and break-in.


Structure types:


  • STANDARD (filled with polyurethane foam)
  • STANDARD+ (filled with polyurethane foam and aluminium sheets)
  • UNIVERSAL (filled with polyurethane foam and MDF)
  • STABIL (filled with polyurethane foam and water-resistant plywood)
  • EXTREM (filled with polyurethane foam, water-resistant plywood and aluminium sheets)

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